Hanadi Bader
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Hanadi Bader

Palestinian–Canadian artist.


While inherently varied, Hanadi’s work is ultimately an expression of her love of colour and life. From her initial storied depictions of her homeland, Palestine, to recent work inhabited by sweeping landscapes, trees, and flowers, Hanadi’s work spans numerous collections over her years. These works of art chronicle her life – vivid manifestations of place, culture, and natural beauty.

Not confined to any one idea or perspective, Hanadi similarly pushes her work boldly into new mediums of expression, working with acrylics, oils, and watercolours on wood, canvas, velvet, glass, and ceramics, among others. This work is presented in largely expressionist scenes, with some cubist influence in early collections.


Hanadi’s work has been featured in countless solo and group exhibitions, magazines, and other publications. The large part of this work is comprised of her paintings, a number of which have since been set as covers for books in English, Arabic, and Bulgarian.

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